Evolution of debugging prowess

Evolution and progression of debugging prowess

When things break in mysterious ways, developers tend to go through a familiar series of increasingly demanding steps. As experience, skills and even personal networks grow, we can find ourselves diving ever further in the following chain:

  1. "It must be in my code." -- hours of debugging
  2. "Okay, it must be somewhere in our codebase." -- days of intense debugging and code spelunking
  3. "It HAS TO be in the third party libraries" -- days of issue tracker excavations and never-before-enabled profiling runs
  4. "It can't possibly be in stdlib..." -- more of the same, but now profiling the core runtime libraries
  5. "Please let this not be a compiler bug" -- we become intensely familiar with mailing list archives
  6. "I will not debug drivers. I will not debug drivers. I will not debug drivers."
  7. "I don't even know anyone who could help me figure out the kernel innards."
  8. "NOBODY understands filesystems!"
  9. "What do you mean 'firmware edge case'?"
  10. "Where is my chip lab grade oscilloscope?"

How far have you found yourself?