Blazing Fast 7-card Poker Hand Evaluator

Blazing Fast 7-card Poker Hand Evaluator

So called "twoplustwo algorithm" is the fastest known poker hand evaluator for any form of 7-card poker. It is based on a precomputed lookup-table, through which any hand may be evaluated in 7 steps.

Handeval library computes the lookup table and builds into a shared library to use the table with ease. It also provides python-bindings.

Source and Installation

There is no general build yet, but the source builds directly into a set of debian/ubuntu packages. First, get the source:

git clone git://

Build the packages:

dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot

which creates these four:

  • libtwoplustwoeval
  • libtwoplustwoeval-data
  • libtwoplustwoeval-dev
  • python-twoplustwo

Then just install the packages. The package libtwoplustwo-data contains the huge (>120MB) lookup table, which is computed during the build.

The following examples assume that the lookup table is installed in the default path as provided by the package.

Using the Evaluator

In C

#include <2p2-eval.h>
int hand1[] = { 2, 5, 18, 31, 32, 47, 50 };
int eval1;
long hand_category;
const char *hand_name;

eval1 = eval_7_card_hand(hand1);
hand_category = hand_category_id(eval1)
hand_name = hand_category_name(hand_category)

The returned value is the evaluated key for the best poker hand that can be formed by using the seven cards. Bigger value is better, so all evaluated hands can be compared directly.

In Python

import twoplustwo as t
t.eval_7hand(4, 7, 11, 12, 21, 27, 40)