Pokerstats - Hold'em and Omaha Statistics

PokerStats - Hold'em and Omaha Statistics

PokerStats is a software for Linux (and probably other *nix variants) which allows you to track your play, as well as your opponents in Hold'em and Omaha cash games. It reads the hand histories generated by PokerStars client and creates statistics about players and their tendencies. A savvy player can use this information as an additional tool when making decisions.


New/Hot Features

  • HUD - FPDB's Heads-Up Display ported to PokerStats
  • Omaha is now a supported game (currently only in git)

Shows the basic statistical information for players: VPIP, PFR, attempt to steal, continuation-bet frequency, 3bet/4bet frequency and so on.

  • Visualisation of your monetary progress with a graph
  • Statistics about individual hands
  • Player notes
  • Positional statistics
  • Filtering by dates and game level


Latest release: pokerstats-0.3.99 (1.1 MB)

Git tree:


What does it do?

  • Basic functionality
  • Money graph
  • Most often needed stats
  • Hand reader and HUD in their separate processes for reliability
  • Simple set-o-meter


  • Python
  • PostgreSQL
  • Python-Psycopg2
  • PyGTK2+
  • Python-matplotlib
  • Python-dbus
  • Python-libxml2
  • Python-wnck


GNU General Public License 3

You are free to use the software as you wish. You are free to learn from it. You can improve or modify it as you wish. You can redistribute it to anyone you want to. The only requirement is that if you pass the software to someone else, you need to provide them with your modifications and grant them the same privileges.

Known Problems

Every now and then the pot calculations are off. About once every 8000 hands a small blind is missed. Also, some shove-contests may end up being miscalculated. If you know which hand triggers this behaviour, please report it.


I wanted a poker statistics software that would run natively on my system. But more than that, I wanted to understand how they worked on the inside.

When I first started playing, the only client that would work neatly with WINE was PokerStars. So I took to that. Later on, when I decided to take poker seriously, I found out that there was a selection of very sophisticated statistics software written to help the players analyse their own, as well as their opponents' game.

At the time, the state-of-the-art software was Poker Tracker, which I tried to get working with WINE, without success. I only needed a very basic subset of all the features, so instead of installing another operating system for just casual poker playing, I decided to write my own statistics tool instead. How hard could it be?

And that's how it started.