High Up the Northern Line (Barnet branch)

Woodside Park

Way, way up in north-west, along the Barnet branch of the Northern line, lies an airy and leafy region. On the map the place looks like any other suburb. On the ground the vibe is quite different.

The small brook passing through the area is bigger, and more freely flowing, than one would expect. Possibly thanks to that, the air is constantly moving, ever so slightly. Everything around here is decently kept, and the appearances are a mix of modern-at-their-time and genuinely modern.

While there is the unavoidable air traffic, it doesn't overwhelm. Overall, the place feels a bit like Forest Hill, only calmer.

A place for a family, if you can afford it.

Walking south along the tube line one soon gets into ...

West Finchley

The general feel in and around West Finchley is somewhat more mixed. Also, while the place gives an air of having been slightly less well kept, it's still safe and inviting.

If it wasn't for the contrast against Woodside Park, this would still be a first-class family neighbourhood. Now it feels like this is where the reasonably affluent have overflowed when north became too expensive.

As one goes further south, the airy feel takes on an increasingly compact tone.

The high street is a nice experience. It's not too crowded, and feels like a nice village-like place.

Going even further down south, there is ...

Finchley Central

This is the forking point of the Barnet branch.

For someone with a Finnish origin, it can be described succintly: Kamppi before the high-end overhaul.

As long as you can find a place slightly off the busiest roads, all of these places should still be reasonable locations to set down with a family.