Hither Green, revisited

Last fall when I first visited Hither Green, it felt like a non-place. There weren't many stores, and much of the commercial spaces were empty. In just six months, it has changed - for the better.

The place feels alive. The previously empty spaces have new businesses in them, servicing families. On my previous visit, there was a feeling of desolation around the train station. This too has changed.

It's almost as if the proximity to Lewisham is no longer a problem or a hindrance, but an asset. It may be a pre-emptive Crossrail effect - when the Canary Wharf terminal opens in 2018, everything within a decent distance becomes highly desirable. With the DLR, Canary Wharf is just 15 minutes away from Lewisham.

This may be more than just the usual gentrification playing out.