Chiswick is a spectactularly nice town. Of all the places I've visited so far, Chiswick is without a doubt the most Nordic of them. In fact, it's a bit olike Gotherburg on a calm day.

The streets are wide, the buildings either modern and modernised, and the parks are everywhere. Even the apartment buildings look good. The tenants in the smaller houses appear to be of slightly elder persuasion.

Oh yes, there are schools. Lots of them, and for families in particular.

But the rents. FFS! This place is even more expensive than Richmond! Chiswick is at least 15 minutes closer to city than Kew or Richmond, which makes it highly desirable. The universal pain threshold for commute time seems to be 1 hour, and one can get to city from Chiswick in that time even during the peak hours.

No wonder the affluent have flocked there.